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Leveraging the liquidity of NFTs like never before.


This code is given as is and is unaudited. Use at your own risk.
The examples might not be always up to date since the package is in active development.

Table of contents:

💧 Installation


yarn add @rainfi/sdk


npm i @rainfi/sdk

💧 Program IDs

 Mainnet = RainEraPU5yDoJmTrHdYynK9739GkEfDsE4ffqce2BR
Devnet = RainEraPU5yDoJmTrHdYynK9739GkEfDsE4ffqce2BR // Not live yet

💧 Start

To start working with Rain SDK, initialize new Rain() class using the snippet below.

Then, go to this page and read more about Rain class, it's properties and functions it provides.

import { Pool, Rain } from "@rainfi/sdk";
import { Connection, LAMPORTS_PER_SOL, Keypair, PublicKey } from "@solana/web3.js";

const connection = new Connection("", "confirmed");
const { publicKey } = Keypair.generate() // Replace with your pubkey

// Let you interact with the whole protocol
const rain = new Rain(connection, publicKey);

💧 Classes & Functions

To explore all classes and utility functions Rain SDK provides, visit Utils Overview and Classes Overview.

It will give you broad view on all you can achieve with the SDK.

💧 Interest

To read more about fees, interest formula and how are fees calculated, visit Interest Page.

💧 License

Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion by you shall be licensed at the discretion of the repository maintainers without any additional terms or conditions.