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As the name suggests, LoanRequest is a class representing a loan request sent by a borrower to a particular pool in the Rain protocol.

Similar to Loan, LoanRequest is a class with private constructor. You can't initialize LoanRequest yourself. You can get it as a return value of a function, though.


accountAddress: string; // Loan request account on-chain address.
status: 'accepted' | 'pending'; // Current loan request status. Accepted = accepted by the pool. Pending = awaiting acceptance.
borrower: string; // Address of the borrower who sent the request.
mint: string; // Mint address of the collateralized NFT.
pool: string; // Address of the pool which received the request.
amount: number; // Proposed loan amount.
duration: number; // Proposed loan duration.
collection: number; // Unique ID of the collection, which collateralized NFT belongs to.
createdAt: number; // UNIX timestamp when loan request was created (sent).